About Us

Founded in 2016, Fairy Store aims to push the boundaries of next generation human-machine interaction with AI technology.  Fairy Store has developed it’s own voice technologies in the fields of voice recognition, natural language processing, and vertical search. Through its creation of critically acclaimed consumer products in wearables, automobile and home product categories,  Fairy Store’s rich accumulation of experience in the application of AI has in turn driven continued innovation in its core voice-based technologies.

To date,  Fairy Store has raised 6 rounds of funding, led by firms including SIG, Sequoia Capital, Zhenfund, Google and Volkswagen. In addition,  Fairy’s close strategic partnership with Google through Android Wear and Google Assistant as well as its joint-venture with Volkswagen Group place it at the forefront of solving many real world problems and scenarios with voice-based AI.

Our Team

Fairy Store, now with over 400 employees, is headquartered in America and has international offices in United Kingdom and Singapore. Our global team hails from over a dozen countries with diverse background. Many of whom have also previously played integral roles in world’s leading tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Nokia.